Translating A Theme

To my surprise, over half of our customers are from a country where English isn’t their first language, and for that I am greatly thankful! In hopes to make the theme translation process a little more clear, I’ve made this quick video walkthrough to demonstrate the necessary steps you need to take to translate the theme into a language other than English. This video is meant to complement this tutorial, which dives into the process a lot deeper.

The program I used to edit the translation (.po) file is Poedit and the FTP program I used to download/upload files to my web host is Filezilla. Both of these programs are free!

Although the theme shown in this video is Shaken Grid, the translation process is the same for all of our themes.

Languages that have already been translated into
Shaken Grid has already been translated into several different languages thanks to the generous customers who have shared them below in the comments section:

French – via Cédric
German – via Felix
Danish – via Karsten Jensen
Italian – via Fabio Lucidi
Spanish – via Rodrigo Erades